Makes you Wonder

Most people never find their purpose because they are stuck in survival mode… Many times in life, we have those moments where we feel out of harmony with ourselves. When you are out of harmony, you get confused about the next step, and when you do decide which steps to take (if you even decide…

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nonverbalIt is important to keep in mind that an invitation can be verbal or non-verbal.  As with all other forms of communication, the perception of the receiving party bears a great weight in the process.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Take care to ensure that your body language does not extend an invitation that you did not intend to send out….or did you?

Would you Dare?

I can’t even get close to the windows in the Statue of Liberty observation deck.  Why is it I would consider walking….okay, well maybe running….across this bridge?  I don’t get it.  Hahaha.  You know what.  I think I may have answered my own question.  I believe it is because the distance from the one side to the mouth of the cave is much shorter than the distance between the Statue of Liberty observation deck and the GROUND or WATER below it.  How about you?  Would you dare?



I Resolve NOT to make a New Year’s Resolution

What’s your New Year’s resolution and why did you have to wait until a new year to do it?  Or, are you like me and have given up on reso-lying to yourself.  Hahaha.

I heard on the news this morning, or maybe it was last night, that billions of dollars in gym memberships go to waste every year.  They reported that many people who resolve to lose weight in the new year start a gym membership in January but by February, gym attendance is considerably less.

How about saving more money?  Do you resolve to save more?  A friend of mine shared with me a long time ago that he does not spend five dollar bills.  If he goes to the store and breaks a 10 or a 20 and gets a 5 dollar bill back with his change, he doesn’t spend it.  He shoves it into a taped up shoe box with a slit on top.  He told me that it was these 5 dollar bills that he used as the down payment on his home.  Wow!  So you know what I started doing right?  Saving 5 dollar bills….so far so good.  Oh, and I don’t spend coins either.  Trust me.  My coin jar game is SICK right now!  Lol!

Maybe you want to travel more?  If so, don’t spend your money on a gym membership when you know you’re not going to go and save your 5 dollar bills.  Once you’ve done that, visit my friends at AJP Destinations and tell them Mayahs Beauty sent you!

So what’s your resolution(s) for 2017?  What will or won’t you be doing this year?


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